New home construction.

Kirin Air Systems are proud members of the

Ontario Home Builders Association
Builder HVAC

Providing builders with furnace, air conditioner, water heater and ventilation solutions

We help keep construction projects on time and on budget with reliable HVAC and water heating services

We know that sub-trades that miss deadlines and expense estimates don’t last very long with builders. That’s why we are laser focused on delivering the highest quality service and products to the new home construction industry.

  • Furnace and air conditioner installations
  • Boiler and water heater installations (both tankless and storage tank models)
  • Gas line installations
  • Fireplace installations
  • Garage or unit heater installations
  • Air exchanger and HRV installations
  • Assemble and install duct packages
  • Custom sheet metal fabrication
  • We offer appliance installations upon request

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A partner you can trust from design to delivery and installation

Experience, responsiveness, attention to detail – it’s what sets us apart.

We don’t just provide a service, we create a partnership with builders to deliver solutions that add value to new home construction projects.

  • Highly trained and licensed staff with years of industry experience ensure the quality of solution design.
  • Top rated manufacturer partnerships ensure the availability and timely delivery of equipment.
  • Purchase, financing, rental and leasing programs provide several acquisition options allowing for complete customization of consumer programs.

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